Spend Less, Invest More! Plan less, Play More!

Mine calm from chaos and memorable from the mundane!

Take your relationship with your child

where you want it to go with

Purposed, Linked, Anticipated Time!

Parents develop consistency, leverage time and provide experiences to discover shared values using the PLAtime quarterly subscription email with their children!

 With a communication development framework, the activities give pace to the relational rhythm of your family!

Note: PLAtime is not a toy and it does not replace speech therapy. PLAtime concepts are designed to draw adults and children to connect regularly. The activities open fun opportunities for each of them to share the personal narrative of their lives.



Sibling Box is here!!!!

Our family has just celebrated a decade of Sibling Camp during school breaks and we are creating a highlights box for other siblings to enjoy!

Photo on 2-4-19 at 2.30 PM.jpg

Newest Item!

Sick Day Starter Bag

Helps you be prepared for the next fever! Order ahead and store with the medicine to add a “spoonful” of laughs to a not-so-great day!

Grand Box II fav.jpg

Now Available!


For all those special grands, fosters, and mentors who invest in 10-21 year olds!

Utilize the memory strategies to remember the fun you create together even though miles and time may separate...

(For fun, can you find the "grandfather clock" in the picture?)