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envisioning connected parents and kids, we believe:

1)Parents are their child's best toys and can be their best teachers.  Toy commercials can convince parents they don't measure up to the newest fad, but kids choose parents over toys.

2) 85-90% of learning is incidental, not directly taught.

3) Thinking outside the box is more fun (and better for the brain).  Use of ordinary objects in new and extraordinary ways can both increase a developing brain's ability to problem solve, help a compromised or injured brain recover, and potentially decrease the effects of aging maintaining neural plasticity. This is beneficial to both the adult and the child. 

4) There is often way more than meets the eye.  Imagination is great exercise for the brain, body, and spirit.

5) No human is perfect. Parents will let kids down. Kids will let parents down. Strong, healthy relational foundations, connections to Truth, and understanding perspective can aid in overcoming disappointment and build relational resilience.

6) Giving can be more fun than receiving.

7)Eye contact and being on same level makes strong connections. Shared experience and shoulder to shoulder activity does the same.

"May the Lord direct your hearts into God's love and Christ's perseverance." -2 Thessalonians 3:5 NIV


About Us

Relational Consistency is our goal!


At PLA, we see and feel the struggle to carve time and energy to really connect personally. We recognize the urgent obligations of each day. Using items that are not necessarily toys, we connect parents and kids by simplifying PLAtime while simultaneously stretching imaginations & developing strong neural pathways.  We equip parents to routinely include PLAtime with mealtimes, bath-times, friend-time, school-time, and sports-time.