Heart Behind PLAtime

Looking back over my life I have come to realize that I am a relational connector.  I love seeing people connect through significant relationships and this is never more true than in parent/child relationships. This was developed in me through growing up with a Speech-Language Pathologist as a mom in a multigenerational home.  My playmates were often my elderly grandparents with whom I connected through the communication skills I learned from my mom.  I studied and became a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist myself. The brain was astounding to me and as I worked with neurologically compromised adults and developing children I became enamored with memory and all the effects of working and stretching the brain to keep memories fresh. 

Based on who I have become, PLAtime naturally comes from a deep admiration of relational connections and consistency.

  • I love quality time between people!

  •  I love kids!

  •  I love parenting!

  •  I love building communication skills in children!

  •  I love helping generations discover intricacies about each other and remember!

My heartbeat is to take you, the most important person in your child’s life, and connect you with them for a lifetime of love and learning.  We take play and make it the conduit to a relationship that lasts beyond your child’s address. PLAtime takes all that I have seen, learned, and continue to learn and casts visions for parents and children to increase their communication success and discover intricacies about themselves and each other, which can spill over into their other relationships.