Valentine's Day - Bringing Sibling Connections Into Holidays and Family Traditions

Add a little sibling connection to your Valentine activities by finding out things about each other while you find things around your house... for only children, enjoy this as a parent/child activity

Items Needed: the list below (don't gather the items if possible, let the gathering be part of the activity)

Key Targets (Purpose): Consideration, Bonding, Teamwork

PLA Steps: Siblings grab a cell phone and flashlight and go on the following photo scavenger hunt with get-to-know each other questions. Everyone answers while hunting together or prepping the photo (one person holds flashlight for extra light  or just holds the object while another snaps a picture).

Optional Scripture: "Do not be interested only in your own life, but be interested in the lives of others." -Philippians 2:4

  • Quarter (what do you treasure? What is your favorite thing you own?)

  • Face stamp on a coin ( People who have faces on money were believed to be people of strong character. What character trait do you most value in a person? Honest, Humorous, Authentic, Kind, Decisive, Humble, Leader, Wise, Loving etc.)

  • Food crumb (What's you favorite way to cheer yourself up on a "crummy" day? How can we help?)

  • First letter of each person's name around the house or in a book (What is a positive trait about yourself that starts with the first letter of your name? Family members can make positive suggestions.)

  • Close up of the fur on a stuffed animal (What is one thing that makes you smile?)

  • Something red (Do you like Valentine's Day? Why? Why not?)

Extended PLA:**If you are really creative, work together and add the answers to the photos in an editing program or create Google slide on your phone. (adds Constructive Play to key targets)

May our interest in each other grow and grow!  Happy Valentine's Day and PLA well!