Suggested Order of Connections


Beginning with the Spring 2018 box, PLAtime quarterly boxes will have specific connections rather than random activities. Boxes will still include the Truth Connection of optional Scripture for parents to ponder or share while playing with their child.

 Below is the suggested order of the connections and descriptions. Remember PLAtime is designed for parent-child interaction primarily followed by sibling connection when appropriate. Parents, you are the foundational key ingredient!

These connection PLA Steps and needed items will be packaged together inside the box.

1)Teamwork Connection: brings you together as team with shared goal or target.

To communicate: "I am always on your team." "I enjoy working toward a goal with you."

2) Organization Connection: uses fun to practice skills needed to create and/or maintain order

To communicate: "I enjoy practicing maintaining order with you. It creates calmness and margin for fun."

3) Bonding Connection : fun that allows parents to study and know kids and kids to study and know parents better

To communicate: "I want to know you more,  your thoughts on topics & see your perspective."

4) Creation Connection : something that you build or make together 

To communicate: "I enjoy being constructive with you."

5) Giving Connection : an identical activity of one the above 4 wrapped and ready for you and your child to experience regularly thinking of others & giving a small token of friendship.

To communicate: "Let's appreciate our friends together." 


The following extra connection cards will be added to the bottom of the box and can be used in any order of your choosing after the above have been completed. They will utilize items that may be prepackaged with another card.

6) Silly Connection: we believe children should regularly experience their parent's silly side but it is sometimes hard for parents because "adulting" can make that side a bit weak.

7) "I Can" Connection: this uses the same items for fun and trains life skill in your kids  (i.e. priorities, time management, etc.)

8) Leadership Connection: kids need to practice leading so this connection switches your roles and the parents follow the child (within safe parameters) 

9) Homework Connection: using the packaged items in homework, or sparking parents' and children' imaginations in how to add a little fun to homework while maintaining connections about content of work & how children feel they are handling work load

10) Extended PLA: any other ways items could be used to chase away boredom

We hope you enjoy the new structure and that it helps you PLA well!